How to be a Gentleman

I found this letter in a pile of old papers I was going through. Thought it would be a good reminder of what we deserve. I know of a few people I’d like to print it off for and hand it too 😉

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that you no longer know how to be a gentleman. Perhaps this letter can serve as a reminder. If you need to, please feel free to keep this letter on you at all times so you can reference it at any moment.

  1. A gentleman is polite. He is kind and courteous to everyone: his mother, his teacher, his friends, his non-friends. He is aware of how he can help the people around him: holding the door open for them, saying please and thank-you, offering his seat on the bus or subway to the elderly or pregnant ladies.
  2. A gentleman doesn’t swear. Or, he if he does, it is done in a discreet manner as to not offend anyone around him and only during appropriate moments.
  3. A gentleman in public does not: belch, fart, get drunk, speak too loudly and is always in control of his mind and body.
  4. A gentleman treats women with respect. He does not ogle them or say anything degrading about or to them. He does not talk down to them. He treats them in a protective manner, her safety always his main concern.
  5. A gentleman is aware of good hygiene. He must bathe and groom himself regularly. He must wear deodorant and not overuse cologne.

Of course, if we do happen to find such a gentleman, you can be sure he’ll be looking for a lady whom he can respect. In order to be one of those, we have to respect ourselves first.

You deserve a gentleman but, more importantly, you deserve to be a lady.



About Jordan

Jordan is a writer and lover of chocolate.

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